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Welcome to Northbridge Marina. Serving the boating community for over 30 years in Middle Harbours pristine waters.

10mins from Sydney's CBD


Ideally located in the tranquil waters of Sailors Bay, Northbridge Marina offers a secure and peaceful location to keep and maintain your boat. Being at the end of Sailors Bay, the marina is extremely well protected by the wooded bushlands of Northbridge and Castlecrag. With shelter from the wind and weather, berthing or mooring is a comfortable and relaxed process.

Conveniently located less than 8 kilometres by road from Sydney’s CBD and only 2.5 kilometres by water to Spit Bridge and the wondrous waters of Middle Harbour and Sydney Harbour, it is little surprise that Northbridge Marina is a prime choice of Sydney boat owners and their families.


Northbridge Marina offers twenty-four (24) floating marina berths catering for craft from small boats to vessels 60 feet (18.3 metres) in length. Each berth includes power (including electricity costs), potable water, reasonable rubbish disposal and marine sewage disposal area.

With limited parking and drop-off available next to the marina entrance, it is a short flat walk along the marina to access your vessel and load any provisions for the day.


Northbridge Marina offers sixty (60) moorings only metres from the marina complex using a secure and space-efficient fore-and-aft mooring system. The system uses anchor points at both the front and back of the vessel, ensuring your craft is safely secured. With the fore-and-aft moorings system, the main waterway is kept clear for easy passage towards Sydney Harbour.

A pick-up and drop-off pontoon can be utilised by customers to quickly load provisions onto your craft.

Marina Facilities

For maximum on-water enjoyment and convenience, Northbridge Marina offers a range of facilities including showers, power and water while a shipwright and marine mechanic are located on premises to assist with any extra services you may require.

A slipway and shipwright service operates onsite along with a marine mechanic.

A tender service is available for Northbridge Marina mooring customers on weekends and public holidays (excluding Christmas Day and Good Friday) to quickly get you onto the water.

Tender Services

We provide both monthly and casual tender services for boats in Sailors Bay. Operating between 9am to 5pm on weekends and Public Holidays (excluding Christmas Day and Good Friday), this offer includes the usage of Northbridge Marina bathrooms and bins for a better day on the water.

Monthly Tender Services:

​Price: $50 per month

Maximum of Two trips per day

Casual Tender Services:

Price: $20 per trip ($40 there and back)

For more information on Tender Services, please contact us at

Please keep in mind that both monthly and casual tender services do not include Northbridge Marina row boats / dinghies or car park. Prices and services are subjected to change without any prior notice.

Anchor - Tender Servces

The Team


The new shipwrights and slipway team from Northbridge Boat Works will be headed up with two qualified Shipwrights, Aaron Reardon and Rory Cox. They have both been in the industry for over 15 years and have a wide range of business and shipwright skills.


Northbridge Boat Works will engage professional contractors for marine mechanics, marine electrics, vessel management detailing plus more to ensure all your boating needs are taken care of at Northbridge Marina.

Taro Tomishima is now the point of contact for all general, berthing, mooring and payments enquiries. Any queries please feel free to contact Taro at

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