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  • Do you have any available berths or moorings?
    While Northbridge Marina is popular, slots for berths and moorings do come available on a regular basis. The best way to find out if a berth or mooring is available is to enquire through the contact page here.
  • What facilities are included with a berth?
    Northbridge Marina floating berths include connection to power (including electricity costs), potable water, reasonable rubbish disposal and marine sewage disposal (at the public berth).
  • Can you organise berth or mooring ropes?
    The boat owner is responsible for the rope to moor their vessel. Northbridge Marina can arrange for the supply of a suitable rope at an extra charge. The rope becomes the property of the vessel owner who is responsible for its maintenance and upkeep.
  • What are fore and aft moorings?
    Northbridge Marina favour the fore and aft mooring system where your boat is anchored at both the bow and stern to two mooring points.
  • What insurances do I need?
    As part of your contractual agreement with Northbridge Marina, all boats which take berths or moorings are required to carry comprehensive insurance covering your craft and its contents and public liability.
  • Do you run a tender service?
    Northbridge Marina mooring customers have access to tender services on all weekends and public holidays (excluding Good Friday and Christmas Day). The public marina berth can be used to pickup or drop off people or provisions. We also offer monthly and casual tender services for boats located in Sailors Bay. For more information, please click HERE.
  • Is there an agreement to sign?
    Northbridge Marina uses the standard Marine Association berthing and mooring agreement.
  • Can I park my car at the marina?
    Northbridge Marina has limited car parks and is exclusive for berth customers and the aparment resident. There is a larger public car park less than five minutes walk up Widgiewa Road. During the summer holidays and summer weekends, the car parking can become very busy.
  • Can I drop off gear at the marina?
    Northbridge Marina has a drop-off point for provisions and gear which is only a short level walk to your marina berth.
  • How do I arrange slipway and services at the marina?
    Contact Aaron Reardon and Rory Cox from Northbridge Boat Works here at They are qualified shipwrights and manage the slipway and team of marine services.
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